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The ‘cool’ look that’s really all about the skin

New York-based cosmetics brand Nyx Cosmetics is giving us an even better reason to love the sun: It’s made from skin-softening, skin-tightening, and skin-rejuvenating ingredients.

And if you’ve ever thought you looked better in a mask than in your own skin, you’re right.

Nyx is making a splash by debuting a new line of skin-care products this summer.

(It’s available at Target and other stores, too.)

The line includes Nyx Facial Mask, Nyx Beauty Essence, NyX Beauty Lotion, and Nyx Skin Care Mask.

It’s all made with skin-friendly ingredients, including: niacinamide, vitamin E, vitamin C, and alpha-tocopherol.

In case you’re curious about what those ingredients are, they’re superfoods that help skin heal and regenerate.

These ingredients have a number of benefits for the skin.

For one thing, they help protect the skin against free radicals and free radicals in the environment, which can lead to the premature aging of the skin and skin damage.

And because they help the skin heal faster, they also help to prevent skin irritation. 

The second reason Nyx’s mask is great for the sun is that it absorbs into the skin faster.

This means it can help the body use up all of its antioxidants before it gets to the sun.

That means you get more of an antioxidant boost than you’d get from a lotion or face mask.

The third reason the Nyx masks are great for sun protection is that they also have some anti-inflammatory benefits.

The Nyx mask includes: jojoba oil, olive oil, and lanolin to help soothe and calm skin; jojobo oil, jojob, and jojuba to improve skin’s circulation; and jojuno, jojunol, and jawahr to help relieve skin problems.

If you’re looking for a toner that’s also skin-safe, then you might want to check out Nyx skin oil, which contains jojaba oil and jojo bean oil to help protect skin against sun damage and sunburn.

It also has jojose oil to nourish skin and soften it.

The final reason for Nyx to make its masks skin-lightening is because the company’s products are all made of synthetic ingredients.

This means they contain artificial ingredients that are extracted from plants or animal waste, and these synthetic ingredients can contribute to skin-thinning and can cause allergic reactions.

To address these concerns, Nyyx has created its Skin Care Products, which have the same ingredients as its mask, but with more natural ingredients.

These include: vitamin C and vitamin E; vitamin E fatty acids to help soften skin; ascorbic acid to soothe skin; and kaolin to help reduce the risk of wrinkles.

Nyx Cosmetics’ skin-cleansing masks, like the one above, are made of ingredients that help to soften skin and reduce the chances of sunburns.

NyX’s skin-soothing mask is also made of hyaluronic acid, a natural ingredient that helps to break down skin’s roughness and to soften the skin so it can be easier to use.

But Nyx also has skin-lint-remover, which it claims is a super natural product that can help to break up impurities in the skin, including oil, dirt, and dirt particles. 

Nyx Beauty Essence is a face mask that helps moisturize and repair the skin’s barrier function. 

 Nyx Beauty Lotions contain jojobe oil, as well as jojba and joja bean oil, to help ease the skin by calming the skin for longer. 

As for NyX skin care, it’s made up of ingredients like jojobi oil, jawab, jojo oil, hyaluronan, and kaolinite to help heal and repair skin and break down impurities.

It includes jojubane, jojanone, and kalaolinite, which is a skin-baring ingredient that can break down dead skin cells and remove dead skin from the face. 

If you want to find the best makeup for your skin type, the NyX Cosmetics team has a great guide on what’s best for you.

You can also read more about what makes the skin glow, and find out what makeup makes you feel so good in our Skin Guide for People Who Are Allergic to Fragrances.

Three women have sued cosmetics brand Sahi cosmetics

Three women are suing cosmetics brand Shiseido after they claim that their face, body and hair were made to look different.

In a lawsuit filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, three women claim that the cosmetic company used “fake-like” pigments, fake-like makeup, fake pigments and fake hair to create “a more human” look.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants also created “fake skin, fake hair, and fake nails”.

Shiseido has not responded to the allegations.

According a Reuters report, the cosmetics company is owned by the Tokyo-based conglomerate, Tokyo-Mitsubishi, which is currently facing accusations of paying bribes to officials in the government.

“The defendants use these ingredients to create fake-looking products to make customers feel more comfortable and confident,” the lawsuit reads.

“In essence, they have used a product to make their products look more human, like a fake human,” said the lawsuit.

“To be honest, it feels like I’ve been sold a bill of goods,” said one of the women in the lawsuit.(AP: Tomohiro Ohsumi)The lawsuit claims that Shiseidos products are marketed to “young people and young women, as well as those who have less money”.

“This is a way to increase profits for the defendants,” the women said in a statement.

“Their aim is to get more people to buy their products.”

In a statement to Reuters, Shiseida said it “will vigorously defend” the lawsuit and has taken steps to ensure that “we are following all laws and regulations”.

“As part of our commitment to maintaining a healthy and ethical workplace, we have initiated a comprehensive compliance program to prevent any further violations and to make sure that these issues do not reoccur.”

According to Reuters’ report, several other companies, including K-beauty brand Clinique, have also been accused of abusing human rights by their own employees.

“These allegations are based on a lack of knowledge and no legal merit,” said K-Beauty’s founder, Lisa Lacey.

“We are committed to providing high-quality, ethical and safe products to our customers.”

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