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Kimchi cosmetics to be phased out, with new labels coming soon

Korean cosmetics maker Lunatick will cease sales of adore cosmetics products at the end of the year, but it will soon begin to offer new products, including beauty cosmetics.

The cosmetics giant announced Friday it will phase out all products made with adore.

It will offer only cosmetics and face products, and it will start producing a range of other beauty and body products.

The move was made in a letter to customers in late March.

The letter said the company will phase down all its adore products, from new line-up items to old ones.

The new products will include products with an anti-wrinkle or anti-acne base, and they will not include a lip product.

The announcement came as China’s biggest cosmetics manufacturer Lunaticks parent, Korea Beauty Co., said it plans to start producing new products from next year, including a range that includes beauty and personal care products.

Korean cosmetics maker Korea Beauty Company, pictured, plans to stop selling adore cosmetic products at end of year.

Reuters/Damir SagoljLunaticks, based in Seoul, is Korea’s largest cosmetics maker and has grown rapidly in the past few years.

It has a large presence in China, Korea’s second-largest market, and the United States.

It also has a manufacturing plant in Taiwan and operates several factories in the United Kingdom.

Lunats sales rose more than 2 percent in China last year to 1.9 trillion won ($1.3 billion).

Its sales in the US rose by about 0.5 percent to $1.17 billion.

What you need to know about lancome’s new mascara and lashes

Beauty cosmetics giant Lancome has launched a new line of mascara and eyelashes that look a lot like eyelash curlers, and it looks like it’s a hit with customers.

Lancome Cosmetics’ new mascara line, which is being launched on May 21 in London, features a metallic black and white design, a high-end brush, and a metal applicator.

The brushes are made from high-tech stainless steel.

According to Lancome Cosmes website, the new mascaras are designed to “make lashes look longer, fuller, and more voluminous” and they also look and feel like eyelashes.

The brushes are designed for those who prefer a natural looking look over a high end brush, with a wide range of brushes and colours to choose from.

“These products are made to make lashes look long, fuller and more volume,” Lancome’s website states.

“They are also designed to make eyelashes look fuller, longer, and voluminously longer.

They are formulated with a range of brush shapes to achieve the ideal look for any person, from an everyday beauty aficionado to a glamorous glamour model.”

Lancomes new mascara will be available in four shades, and is described as having a “soft and luxurious finish”.

Lancome says it’s made with “super-fine micro-fine silky micro-crystalline silicon, which gives the lashes an ultra-soft, long-wearing finish”.

“They’re a must-have for every beauty lover,” Lancomes website states of the new mascara.

While the new products aren’t the first mascarash line to be announced by Lancome, the launch comes on the heels of the company’s launch of its first eyelash curl in November.

We recently spoke with Laura Liddell, Lancome UK’s director of beauty, about the new line. 

“It’s something that Lancome really wanted to create, but was not sure what to do with,” Liddells told LIVE .

It’s a new product and we wanted to make sure we were making a product that was as safe as possible, but also as affordable as possible.

“We’ve got a lot of innovation happening in the world of cosmetics, and this is just a great example of that,” she added.

As we reported earlier, Lancomes new eyelash product, the Favourite Lashes, is currently in limited supply in the UK.

However, the company has confirmed that it will release a new eyelashes line with a “stronger formula” in the next few weeks.

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