Macys cosmetics, Josie Maran cosmetics and jafras cosmetics will soon sell to Wal-Mart

Aug 26, 2021 Eyeliner

Macys Cosmetics will soon begin selling to Walmart, its parent company announced Thursday.

The deal, announced Wednesday, includes the company’s cosmetics and cosmetics brands, including Macys, Jafra and Josie, along with its line of cosmetics and accessories.

It also includes Josie’s hair products and hair styling services.

The Wal-Wal deal, the second major acquisition in Wal-Greens’ portfolio of cosmetics, will allow the company to expand into a broader cosmetics business that is “much more than just one brand,” CEO David Walen said in a statement.

“We will have the widest assortment of cosmetics to sell in our stores, and we will continue to expand in other areas as well, like retail and merchandising.”

Macys, founded in 1894, is a family-owned company that makes high-quality beauty products.

Its most famous product is the Jafras-made hair products, which it sells at its beauty counters across the country.

The company’s other products include the beauty cream, the mascara, the foundation, hair oil and hair dryer.

Macys Cosmetics and Josies cosmetics are owned by Wal-Co, which is part of the parent company of Wal-Mac.

The Wal-Sampson deal is not expected to have a material impact on Wal-Amsampson’s consolidated net income or revenue, according to analysts.

Wal-Asampson announced its first merger of 2017 earlier this year, with the purchase of two other cosmetics and cosmetic brands, J&G Beauty and J&P Beauty.

Wal-Ursampson said it also planned to buy two of its own beauty brands, Shiseido and Cosmopolitan, in the coming months.

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