How to shop for the best makeup for your skin

Oct 7, 2021 Lipstick

Posted April 04, 2019 12:21:07 Beauty experts at Cosmopolitan magazine have put together a list of the top makeup brands for each skin type, including what to look for and how to best apply it.

“We wanted to make sure that every person has the perfect foundation, and this is the first time we’ve included makeup recommendations from a makeup brand that doesn’t just want to sell makeup, but also has been proven to deliver,” Cosmo Editor-in-Chief, Stephanie Mancini, told Cosmopolitan.

“We’ve seen the trend of people not only trying out a brand’s new skin care products, but trying out their own skin care and makeup as well.”

The beauty experts compiled the list by comparing products with the most recent makeup trends, which they believe reflects the trendiest skin types.

They also compared products with different skin types, with the aim of identifying which ones could benefit from a foundation.

“There’s nothing like knowing what you like and what you don’t like, and then choosing the best foundation for your specific skin type,” Cosmopolitan Beauty Director, Anna Schindler, told ABC News.

Mancini told ABC that the beauty experts believe the best skin types are: “younger, lighter skin tones, and fair skin tones.”

For the list, the experts looked at products made by brands including Urban Decay, Benefit, Benefit Hoola, Marc Jacobs Beauty, and Makeup Geek.

“Our beauty experts have made sure to include products that are going to help you blend into your skin and keep it smooth,” Mancinis said.

The experts also looked at makeup brands’ beauty trends and what makeup products they think are going the best for a particular skin type.

As well as makeup brands, Cosmo Beauty also included skincare brands, as well as beauty bloggers, who wrote blog posts about their skin care habits.

The beauty bloggers included some of the brands’ most popular products, like the new Face & Body skincar series from Benefit.

However, the cosmetics experts said that even though some of these brands have had great results, the list does not include all of them.

For example, there are beauty products made for all skin types that do not fall under the ‘skin type’ category.

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