How to make a $2.3 million, 1,600-square-foot home for a pet

Oct 1, 2021 Eyeliner

A cat can’t keep up with the big dogs and a dog-owner with two dogs can’t handle the cats.

So when a pet owner and her husband found themselves sharing a home in suburban Denver, they knew they needed something special.

The couple bought a three-bedroom home on a quiet street in rural Colorado, called the Big Bear Canyon, in 2014, just in time for the winter, and built it around the cat, whom they called Kitten.

It took three months to build.

The couple said their main challenge was finding a place to live together, but that was only partially because of the cats, who would sometimes run loose from the family’s home.

The cats were so aggressive, the couple said, that they had to spend a few nights out of their home to try and calm them down.

The cat-owner said Kitten’s aggression was part of the appeal of the house.

“We’re going to do what we can, but we’re also going to find a way to do it in a way that’s kind of a bit more cat-friendly,” she said.

Kitten, who is known to be a playful, affectionate cat, was born in Colorado and was taken to an animal sanctuary, where she was adopted.

Her owners said they took her to a shelter because she was “too aggressive.”

But the sanctuary didn’t offer her the care she needed.

“I wanted her to be happy and healthy, but they didn’t have a place for her,” the pet owner said.

The Kitten cat lives at a shelter in the United States and in Australia, but Kitten has been on a long road to freedom.

In October, Kitten was reunited with her family, who told ABC News they found out they were adopted after Kitten escaped from the sanctuary.

They said Kittens new owners are caring and loving.

“It was very unexpected, especially considering that I’ve had a cat for so long,” the new owner said, “and that she was very aggressive.

The couple is hoping to adopt another cat and hope to have her home ready by December.

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