Hacked the Cosmetic Arts Lab in NYC for $15,000!

Oct 9, 2021 Lipstick

Hacker News article Hacked The Cosmetic Arts Laboratory in NYC, a nonprofit for women who design and develop cosmetics for beauty products, was hacked on Wednesday.

According to security researchers, the hackers accessed a data server belonging to the lab and gained access to its entire system.

The hackers also stole the passwords of the people working there, which included the manager and several of its co-founders, as well as the CEO and several employees.

The attackers used an unpatched vulnerability in the software of the lab to access the server, allowing them to download the data.

The data was encrypted using a symmetric cipher, meaning that it could not be read by anyone other than the researchers who were able to access it, the researchers wrote in their blog post.

The lab also contained a database of cosmetic product information that included ingredients, prices, brand names, and a contact phone number, the report added.

The hack took place on Wednesday at around 3:00pm EST, the website said.

The hackers reportedly gained access through a backdoor in the lab’s software.

They used that access to access a database containing the company’s logo, the name of the manager, and the personal information of the staff.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a blog post, the group said the group decided to hack the lab after discovering it had been hacked.

The group’s goal was to “take down the entire organization, to take down the whole organization,” the group wrote.

“It was not an attack on the labs, but on the entire cosmetics industry.”

The group also included a description of how they obtained access to the data, which they said included names, email addresses, and contact information for more than a thousand employees.

The lab’s website has since been taken down.

The organization’s website also has since gone offline.

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